Welcome to Community Swim 365. We are a group of neighborhood members, business and community leaders from throughout Sioux Falls who have joined together to encourage a “No” vote on the outdoor pool in April’s city election.

Sioux Falls already has a number of high-quality and high-capacity outdoor aquatics options serving the community during the summer months. However, our community has no public indoor aquatics option anywhere in the city and private facilities are open for members only or at capacity for swimming events – making them unavailable for year-round public use.

Since Spellerberg pool is in need of replacement, we have the opportunity to build an indoor facility at a great central location accessible to all of Sioux Falls. But we can’t do that if yet another outdoor pool is built to replace the aging Spellerberg facility. In short, will be giving up the possibility of building an indoor facility at the site and it will be many years before Sioux Falls can build an indoor aquatic center.

Yet another limited use, outdoor pool is not needed, not necessary, and not responsible: Vote “No” on April 8th.

If you would like to see an indoor public aquatic facility in Sioux Falls, please join our effort by signing up for email updates, liking our Facebook page, and sharing it with your friends. Most importantly, don’t forget to Vote “No” on April 8th.